Arthritis In Your House (An Analogy)
Written by Erin Groth on Oct. 9th 2021
'Home, is it just a word? Or is it something that you carry within you?' - Angela (Nomadland).

Most of us can agree, that the quintessential "happy life,” depends on a home. For the sake of this post, let’s define a home as “where one lives.” Whether it's a good or bad home is a matter of perspective….just ask a person living with rheumatoid arthritis.

What does arthritis have to do with homes? Arthritis affects livability. 

Like most, I didn’t know what I was doing when I bought my first home in 2004. I found a 1982 fixer-upper and just wanted to get into a place regardless of the look & location. Fifteen years later, I decided to upgrade. Lucky for me, with my husband as our realtor, I was well guided and all of my desires were heavily considered. He helps friends get into places. Often, these are first time home buyers. I'm intrigued to hear what they want. Affordability seems first and foremost. Second is location. Third is style (design, year, color, facade, etc). He is very good at putting these pieces together.

With my second home, my definition of good had everything to do with my age and lifestyle. For me, the most important thing was seeing the inspection report. How were it's bones? Did anything need fixing? I was also focused on livability. I wanted a good home so that I could prioritize my kids, my work, and my relationships and not the needs of the house.

Like my first home purchase, I didn’t know what I was doing when I was diagnosed with RA in 2011. Suddenly I believed I was sold a lemon—that my body was bad. I knew that the condition would distract me from my priorities. And it did….that is, until I decided to do something about it. 

It’s a blessing to find a good home, it’s a blessing to have a good body and it's a gift to know how to care for it. It’s taken me time to appreciate this. When life gives you a lemon, you have a choice in what to do with it.

Hearing the words, “you have rheumatoid arthritis” is like finding out you have a leak doing damage to your house. Then hearing, “…it’s systemic and you’ll have it for the rest of your days,” leaves one to think, “Damn…this is bad….is it livable?”

Remember, there is no moving out. So, just as a storm gutter over a crack won’t move itself and a leaky hose bib can’t be fixed with a bucket, there’s no ignoring arthritis….a bandage won’t work. 

The crack represents a joint in the structure. When it freezes, like a “flare in the body,” the foundation deteriorates. This can’t be ignored while maintaining livability. 

So, what to do? As a person with some experience, I’d recommend applying a good strategy, using good tools, and finding support. Ha! I’m like a lifestyle realtor for people living with arthritis. What I’m referring to is a Remission Possible lifestyle.  

Facing unavoidable problems doesn’t come easy. It’s a mindset. Over time, it becomes easier. In fact, it becomes a habit. This is a pro-active approach…a choice….a way of living AND….it’s simple.

People's primary home is actually not an address or a built property…its the body. It’s where life is lived. It's where feelings are felt. It’s where absolutely everything is experienced. The body is our gift AND we get to choose everything we do or don’t do with it. As a Remission Possible Agent, I encourage you to upgrade to a new experience in the same body.  

Erin Groth

Erin Groth works with arthritis everyday in her own body and shares a roadmap to navigate it's ups and downs with people who want to grow and feel good.  She lives a Remission Possible lifestyle in order to enjoy life despite her diagnosis.  Her professional goal is to share her knowledge base with others who are ready to change things around and be vital again.
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